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Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles, Values. Oh My!

Do you know the difference?

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Do You Guarantee Your Customer Experience?

Should companies offer guarantees for their products and services? Or is the better question, why don't they?

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Who Knows Your Brand Promise?

Back in March, I wrote a piece on change and on how I believed CEOs aren't interested in change. Last week, I wrote about how CEOs are the brand champions and how the buck stops with them. I followed that up with a post asking CEOs if they put themselves out there, if they stand behind and in front of their brands. As of this moment, I have only received one response to that challenge.

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Three Lessons for Fulfilling on a Green Brand Promise

When it comes to the environment, consumer behavior can be inconsistent or even a bit hypocritical. Two-car families will buy a hybrid and a gas guzzling SUV. Parents will teach their kids to turn off the water while brushing, but take a few extra minutes in the shower to enjoy the peace and quiet. Somehow, we tend to overlook our own inconsistencies, while holding others accountable for their actions.

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The Game Changer: Presence and Proof

What we have done up till now is limit our thinking of what online can do based on a narrow view of what marketing can do. But what happens when marketing changes?

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Four Questions for the Next Year?

Working on a theme for a new slideshow I found that the questions I end with on the final slide of my last presentation, Outside – the future is not in front of us, really do make up for some good, albeit simplistic, but foundational questions for forcing new conceptual thoughts.

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The Six Drivers of the Brand Utility

Guest Post by: Ingmar de Lange

The brand utility is here. Many brands are experimenting with this approach, some successful, others find a dead end. Time to draw some conclusions: what are the main drivers a brand utility’s success?

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Brand Platforms Are like Political Ones

Earlier this week I posted some key takeaways from the keynote speakers and panelists at the Southern California Business Growth Conference. As a panelist on the marketing track, one of the things I said during the “Brand Implementation & Impact: Bring your Brand to Market” session seemed to spark some interest of its own – and so I thought I’d say more about it here.

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The Brand Promise: Reality Gap

Attention:  fast food marketers – you’re wasting half of your advertising!

But I’m not talking about the waste that John Wanamaker was referring to in his famous quip about not knowing which half of his advertising was being wasted. I’m talking about the average of 48% of people who say there’s a big difference between what you promise in your advertising and what they experience at your restaurants.

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Next Business Day

Remember Dell Hell?

In 2005, Jeff Jarvis got a lemon of a laptop and made the story of his customer support tribulations public on his blog.

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