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Stop the Stunt Marketing

When will marketers learn that eyeballs aren’t worth more than integrity?!  Brand managers and advertising agencies continue to run irresponsible ads and do outrageous acts in an effort to draw attention to themselves.  At best they might get some short-lived PR but more likely they end up just wasting their money — and damaging their brand in the process.  It’s time to stop the stunt marketing.

The latest offenders come from the fast food restaurant chain realm:

Burger King’s Blunder

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Music From the Titanic

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

It seems that the resolve of the top marketers collected at last weekend's 98th meeting of the Association of National Advertisers was simple: defend brand budgets at all costs, and keep spending.

In other words, iceberg be damned.

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Soviet Propaganda: The Art of Mass Persuasion

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Ninety years ago today, the Russian Revolution began. Among other things, it gave birth to one of the most formidable mass persuasion machines in the world.

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