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Which best brand list is right?

BrandZ just published its annual brand valuation report weeks after Forbes released its best brand list.  The dramatic differences between the lists caused some head scratching among businesspeople.  When Interbrand‘s report comes out later this year and inevitably reports more different numbers, confusion is likely to grow.  Unf

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Real Time Brand Management

On March 13, a Virgin America flight from Los Angeles to New York was diverted from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Stewart airport in Newburgh, N.Y., due to severe weather, and the passengers and crew waited in the plane on the tarmac for over four hours. The crew was anxious, babies were crying, mothers were anxious, and the passengers were unruly — to the point that one woman was taken off the plane by police. The entire ordeal was documented by David Martin, the CEO of, on his company’s iPhone social-media application.
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Brand Management and the 10:45 Per Day Generation

The Kaiser Foundation recently released a study documenting the astounding fact that 8-18 year olds in the United States have increased their media use from 8hrs 33 mins per day in 2004 to 10hrs 45 mins in 2009, which means that except for when they sleeping or in school they are almost always consuming media. I call them the 10:45 generation.

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Two Free Reports on the Brand Agency Disconnect

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Obama's Cultural Movement. An Insider's View

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Real Time Marketing Is Opportunity for the Jack Bauer of Advertising

by: Scott Goodson

How do you think real time marketing affects what traditional marketers do? How do big marketers cope with the idea that you spend months on end planning, creating, producing and then launching major campaigns that could get hijacked by consumers using blogs, Facebook, or the weapon of choice: Twitter.

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Better OS & Better Search

by: Joanthan Salem Baskin

I had an epiphany when I was in New York last week and Google announced its G1 phone:

Google is the new Microsoft.

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Brands and Process Management

by: Sigurd Rinde

Hugh, seems we have a parallel experience here!

"The phrase I can't get out my head is "Cultural Transformation"!"

So I ask myself - what's the difference between "brand management" and "process management"?


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The Power of 'New'

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Advanced Brand Strategy Masterclass Week 4 - Managing Brand Architecture

by: Idris Mootee

to week four. This week we are introducing brand architecture. This is less
exciting previous sessions as the primarily focus of this one is on the
economics of brand management. So why do we need a brand architecture?
a clear brand architecture is to help structure a brand's position (both now

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