College Branding and Banner Ads

Banner ads may be the most common method of reaching consumers on the Web, but they don’t get much respect. Web marketers talk about “banner blindness,” implying that users become so used to the presence of these ads that they no longer even see them. I don’t think it’s time to write off the ubiquitous banner just yet, though. First, here are some comments on college banner ads from top marketing blogger Seth Godin:

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Bookmarkable Advertising

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Last week's news about Rolling Stone and Men's Health running promos where readers are invited to snap images of ads and send them in reminded me of a draft that I've been kicking around for a few months about bookmarkable advertising. It's not finished or polished but, I hope, useful for something.

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Who clicks on ads? (Revisited with data)

by: danah boyd

Two months ago, I ruffled some feathers with a post called Who clicks on ads? And what might this mean?
Lacking any good public research, I pointed to a blog post by an AOL
Global Advertising Strategy guy talking about research they did on AOL
ad clickers. The report was by no means generalizable to all ad
clickers, but it made a significant point: ad clickers are not

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Negative Shipping, Less Pain, More Gain

by: Roger Dooley

If there’s one persistent theme here at Neuromarketing, it’s that good offers reduce buying pain for consumers, and bad offers increase it.

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