How Virtual Avatars Could Disrupt Politics

If you thought the speakers at this year’s political conventions were dynamic – especially Michelle Obama making the speech of her life – just wait until 2016, when you could see famous politicians who are no longer with us making a guest appearance. New artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques are making possible the "regeneration" of politicians such as Ronald Reagan in the form of virtual avatars.

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Near Real-life 3D Avatars: Application Killer or Virtual Scarecrow?

by: Yann Gourvennec

We have already covered the subject of 3D avatars aka IVA’s (Intelligent Virtual Agents) for business on this blog.

Motion Portrait in Japan is taking this one step further with the ability to turn a 2D picture into a fully-fledged 3D intelligent animation. 

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Arrive Without Traveling

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

In the sci-fi novel Halting State, users visit multiple MMORPGs and corporate web sites "in character" -- their cartoon avatar representations of self -- while preserving also their magic swords and collected booty between virtual destinations.

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Your Avatar Can Now Go Partying in Facebook while You're Asleep

by: Idris Mootee

Just as you thought the buzz of avatar is over, a new app now allows your avatar to join Facebook. Alter Ego was created by M iChameleon in conjunction with Coca-Cola’s digital team in London.

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Social Networking Site for Avatars Launches

by: Ilya Vedrashko

This is too meta. Koinup, a social networking site for avatars from across all virtual worlds, just sent a press release about its launch: "In Koinup you can create your profile and publish pics, videos (machinima) and stories you created in virtual worlds as Second Life, World of Warcraft, IMVU and also games as The Sims 2 and many others.


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Susan Wu on Virtuality

by: C. Sven Johnson

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