When Algorithms Go Wrong

"The stock market today is a war zone, where algobots fight each other over pennies, millions of times a second...inevitably, at some point in the future, significant losses will end up being borne by investors with no direct connection to the HFT world, which is so complex that its potential systemic repercussions are literally unknowable." Felix Salmon

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Game Theory for Marketing Automation

If you are a B2B marketer, you’ve probably heard the terms “game theory” or “gamification” in regards to advertising a few times. But what does gamification mean and what does game theory have anything to do with marketing?

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The Proposition of Automation

I don't follow everyone back on Twitter. This is an intentional act. I don't follow everyone back because there are too many spammers to deal with and frankly, If I do follow you back, it's a very intentional act—I follow you for a reason. Tomorrow, somebody can send me an e-mail and say—"we've solved your problem by inventing a service which only follows back real people, no spammers".

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