Tim Cook Is No Steve Jobs… And That May Be a Good Thing

There’s no doubt Tim Cook has a very tough job. When he stepped in as CEO of Apple he was following in the footsteps of one of the most—if not the most—iconic entrepreneurs in history. Every step would be scrutinized by a legion of die hard fans and magnified a thousandfold.

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Banks’ Apple Pay Opportunity

In a article titled One Banker’s View Of Apple Pay Threats, the SVP of a large bank indicated:

“Though Apple gets a piece of every transaction, the company provides no help to banks in making sure their cards are “top of wallet” for use, or helping users decide which card is best of each situation.”

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The Beauty of Apple

I wonder if you have noticed something about the world of business? You may have not noticed it as this feature of business life is pervasive, so enduring, that lies in the background. I found myself reawakened to this feature recently.

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Integrity: Is This Why Apple, John Lewis, and Amazon are Masters of the Customer Experience?

Apple, John Lewis, Amazon: Masters of the Customer Experience?

Holidays are over and three organisations stand out for me: Apple, John Lewis, and Amazon. Why? It occurs to me that the people in these organisations get customers as human beings, are clear about the kind of customer experience they are up for delivering, AND have put in place a system for delivering this kind of customer experience.

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No Muzak Here

I was teaching a class for FIT earlier this week and talking about retail experiences. I brought up a slide of an Apple store and mentioned how there is no background music at the Apple stores that I visit and how that goes against the grain of retail pundits who spend great effort building play lists that encourage people to shop and buy. 

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Don’t Say it, Be It

Brand as business bit: “Don’t say it, be it” – as in “don’t say you’re cool, be cool” – has to be one of the most well-known principles in advertising. And yet we see so many brands fail to heed it. The most recent offender? Apple.

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2 Approaches to Design and 4 Rules of Understanding Humans

I get this all the time.  Whenever we talk about Design Thinking’s user-centered approach to finding opportunities and understanding your customer better, someone always reminds me that one of the worlds most successful company (in my humble opinion), Apple, does not do market or user research.

Similarly, Scott Anthony writes:

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Manifestos > Mission Statements in a Connected Age – 5 Reasons Why, 10 Faves and 12 Tips to Write Them Well

Now I’m going to count to 5, could you please tell me what the guiding vision/direction of your company is …right…NOW…5,4,3,2,1…. Awwww, too bad, I was so hoping you could play it back to me.

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Your Doctor Is an App When Technology Is the Cure

It used to be that the word "doctor" brought to mind an image of a kindly old man in a small office with a stethoscope, but now it conjures up an image of an app on a smartphone or a high-end digital device transmitting medical information over the Internet. As digital innovations continue to cross over into the healthcare space, they are forever changing the way that we think about medicine, healthcare, and even the role that doctors have in curing us. “Digital health” has the ability to influence not only how we think about healthcare, but also to bring the exponential computing gains possible within the digital world into the world of slower-moving medicine.

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The Five Rules Of Business Reinvention: What You Can Learn From Burberry?

The word ‘Reinvention” is a beautiful word. It links people to a path of hope, dreams and possibilities. It is a point when people or organizations are ready to claim and design a new defining moment that will cause a major transformation in their lives and in their organizations.  It takes commitment, reflection and action and in the process removing distractions, making peace with realities and sometimes completely letting go of the past.

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