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Andrew Keen: Does Web 2.0 Lead to Democracy -- or Feudalism?

The guiding manifesto of Web 2.0 has always been that the Next Gen Internet will be participatory, inclusive and inherently democratic. What's not to love? However, is it possible that Web 2.0 will actually lead to a completely unexpected form of Internet "feudalism" in which an entrenched tech-savvy elite -- people who you follow, not those who follow you -- exert an inordinate amount of power, influence and control over the future growth and development of the Web?

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On Accountability, now on Slideshare

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Must see video: 'We Think' vs.'The Cult of the Amateur'

by: Alain Thys

Have you ever wondered what would happen if  We Think's Charles Leadbeater would meet Silicon Valley's self-proclaimed anti-christ Andrew Keen who's written The Cult of the Amateur ?

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Decisive Factor Is Not how We Create but How We Consume

by: Lynette Webb

I've come close to buying the book "Cult of the Amateur" a few times now, but have shied away as I sensed it was going to be one of those books I threw at the wall every few pages in frustration.

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Book: The Cult of The Amateur

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