Microencapsulated Scent Will Move Beyond Sampler into Public Spaces and Electronic Devices

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Immersion - Ambient TV, Addictive MMORPG...

by: Gary Hayes

…and the never changing human.

Senor Hontar: “We must work in the world. The world is thus.”
Father Altamirano: “No Senor Hontar…thus have we made the world. Thus have I made it”
Final lines of the film ‘The Mission’

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Ambient Interruption

by: David Armano

We are living in an age of ambient interruption. Gone are the days when we flipped through channels while Ads interrupted our programming. Broadband, wireless and file sharing killed the radio star and all our media is served to us on a "need it now" basis. We think we need it? We go out and get it. We've been liberated to ignore the assault on our senses telling us to buy, asking us to try and selling the myth of brand.

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Korean Air Tries Sensory Branding - on TV

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Walking Vending Machine Mascot

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Urban Spam


I was reading through the blogosphere tonight and came across a piece on Greg Verdano's blog about Urban Spam and that led me to several other postings, all linked here. The quoted section below is from PSFK, which has some good thoughts on the whole concept of urban spam. The second video lists the prices for a variety of OOH ad buys in NYC too.

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Got Smell? Ads Target Customer Noses

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Happy Birthday Futurelab Blog

by: Alain Thys

Exactly a year ago this blog went "live" and we just wanted to thank everyone who's been part of making it something much more successful than we ever thought it would be. Today, we've got about 25,000 regular readers, over 1,400 posts, and more importantly, our base of daily feedburner subscribers keeps growing by the week (currently at 2,500).

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Billboards in Google Earth

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CMPAA | Stop Pre-Movie Commercials! - Theater ads.

by: David Polinchock

Wow. Now this is taking a stand. You can actually print a sign for your seat that says:

"This patron is avoiding cinema advertising and will return when the feature begins."

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