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Why Aeroplanes Don’t Fall Out Of The Sky; Why Business Screws Customers and Hospitals Kill Their Patients

I invite you to ponder the following

1.     Why is it that commercial aeroplanes don’t fall out of the sky?

2.     Why is it that terrorism did not take root, establish itself, and grow in the USA/UK?

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Will Airplanes Powered by Bacteria Ever Take off?

This has been a big week for the U.S. domestic airline industry and its embrace of environmentally-friendly biofuels. On Monday, a United Airlines jet completed the first-ever biofuel-powered commercial flight in the U.S. On Wednesday, Alaska Airlines is launching the first of 75 flights powered by a 20% biofuel blend concocted from recycled cooking oil.

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Social Media Case Study: KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Guest Post by: George Cathcart

Social media campaigns are absolutely everywhere now. Seldom that original, and often poorly executed, the space is becoming so turgid with a mix of good, bad, ugly and downright embarrassing examples of campaigns that it’s becoming harder to stand out from the crowd.

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Bright Lights Project: Boeing

On Monday, Boeing celebrated delivery of its first 787 Dreamliner to a paying client (just think of the sweetheart deal All Nippon Airways got). At a development cost of more than $32 billion spread out over almost a decade, the model encountered every conceivable delay (and many that nobody had imagined), and it might not make any money until the 2020s, if ever.

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Bright Lights Project: United Airlines

United and Continental airlines merged on October 1, 2010, claiming the same rationale of customer benefits and improved performance that are regularly used to excuse mergers in automobiles, pharmaceuticals, and every other industry.

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Harry and Boeing: The Update

Wow. What a wild week. What started out as a question I posed to the world about how to handle the rejection letter one of my 8-year-sons, Harry, received from Boeing has turned into a global conversation with amazingly positive results. Here’s what happened in a week:

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A Rant on the Airline Industry

Tomorrow afternoon, I was supposed to leave on a Delta/KLM flight to Scotland, so I can speak at the World Whiskies Conference in Glasgow. I've been totally psyched to attend this conference since Ian Buxton asked me about it in January. Now, thanks to a volcano that seems hasn't erupted since 1821, my travel plans are in hell. As of now, it looks like I won't be attending this year.

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How Low Can You Go?

Ryanair's CEO Michael O'Leary has announced his desire to remove all but one of the toilets on each of his planes, and install a coin-operated lock so passengers need to pay to use it. What's strange to me isn't how radically nutsy this idea might be. Rather, it's that nobody is terribly surprised.

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All Nippon Latest Innovation - Pre-Boarding Toilet Monitors

Can design change the world? Or at least let’s try to change healthcare. Or shall we start with our education system? There are plenty to change and no shortage of ideas. Do we need more new and cool products? Or we just need products that last? Or products that are cheap to repair and not throwaways that are costing our environment?

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United Breaks Guitars

I'm a little behind in writing about this, but it's a great example of how people can use social media to get their stories out. As of July 21st, 2009, this video had 3,547,771 views, but that's only part of the story. Doing a google search, I get 3,140,000 results. Bing comes up with even more results. Sadly, searching on a United response to United Breaks Guitars, doesn't really come up with much.

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