Let’s Be Really Retro and Buy a Newspaper

Research from Adweek is bad news for the long-term health of the Newspaper Industry.


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More on 'The Radiohead Economy'

by: Nancy Baym

Before it slips away, I wanted to draw attention to this excellent article in the Toronto Globe and Mail about the interpersonal elements of the Radiohead pricing experiment. It draws on an article I’ve used often when I teach nonverbal communication about tipping, which I thought was a clever link on the writer’s part:

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Social Media and Social Network Marketing

by: Scott Goodson

Ever since the Brian Morrissey, Adweek piece came out last week stating that "Agencies 'Don't Get' Social Media" there has been heightened desire by major consumer advertisers to know what social media is, who is doing it best, and how can they benefit from it.

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