Swarmteams: Capturing the Buzz of Trusted Fans

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Engagement - Your New Key Metric

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The T5 Fiasco: Some Free Advice on Customer Engagement for BA

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What Is the Net Promoter Score?

by: Matt Rhodes

A metric we use a lot with clients at FreshNetworks is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). It’s a way of measuring the positive advocacy that exists for your brand; the word of mouth that is generated by your customers.

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Employees 'sell' Apple Macs to Their Bosses

by: Mark Rogers

Steve Jobs of Apple doesn’t employ a sales force to persuade corporations to switch to Apple. Nonetheless Apple market share in this area is growing, driven in part by the consumer’s liking for the iPod and iPhone. In an intriguing Business Week survey Peter Burrows highlights that employees, sick of a PC by day, Mac by night existence, are pushing their firms into switching to Apple.

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Shouldn't Every Employee be a Brand Ambassador?

I was doing an interview for a new book about experiential marketing and I was asked about the importance of brand ambassadors.  My response was that while they were certainly very important when you were doing marketing events, the truth is that there shouldn't be a select group of brand ambassadors. Every employee that you hire should be a brand ambassador. We've written about the importance of retail in the past and updated our thoughts:

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Repurposing the Corporate Blog to Reach Green Influentials

by: David Wigder

These days corporate marketers are launching blogs at a record pace.  According to Jupiter Research, nearly 40% of corporate marketers are planning to launch a corporate blog within the next 12 months.  Yet, consumers do not share the same enthusiasm for these blogs as corporations do: only 3% of consumers have used them to conduct product research.

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Highlights from 2006 CMO Council Summit

by: Jon Miller

I had the opportunity to attend this year’s CMO Council Summit in San Francisco, titled “The Power of Engagement: Gaining Customer Intimacy, Influence & Inspiration”.

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