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Smart Marketers Advertise During a Recession. You Should Too - Adrants

by: David Polinchock

Not much I can add here, other then to say no matter how many times I've seen studies like this, companies still cut back. And then they wonder why they don't come out of the bad times as strong as they thought they would. Thanks to Adrants for the tip!

Read it. Share it. Learn it.

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Lockout the Auto Marketers

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

As the domestic U.S. automakers present their plans for winning a $34 billion aid package to Congress, the lawmakers should be aware of an ugly fact:

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The Dinosaurs Thud

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

In two days, two marketers responsible for spending a cumulative $9 billion last year lost their jobs, though nobody is talking about where all the money went.

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Phones and Internet advertising

by: Dick Stroud

Two things caught my eye this morning in the deluge of over-night e-mails.

The value of internet advertising in the UK will overtake that of TV adverts by 2009, says the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB).

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