Retail is in revolution.

The number one factor in the profitability of your stores is Customer Experience.

And we can show you the data to prove it.





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We don’t mean Customer Experience in general. On average. By and large. Averages are not actionable. Averages don’t shine a spotlight at store-level. Work with averages and you will only ever be, well, average. 
Give your store managers the relevant, store-specific insights they need to make a real difference – one that customers actually notice – and you’ll notice happier customers, happier staff and higher profits. 
Retail 360® helps retailers measure and manage Customer Experience store by store by store. Which store do customers rate best and how can we learn from it? Which store do customers rate worst and how can we improve it?  What motivates customers at this POS?  What exactly are they saying about layout, product range, service, staff knowledge in this store?
Our 7-step methodology delivers all the insights you and your local teams need to make each store experience positive, memorable and profitable.
  • Leave the stats for Head Office: Get quick, simple, accessible insights at store level
  • Last quarter is so last year: Get up-to-date, high quality data relevant to stores NOW
  • Measure what you can manage: Get manageable chunks of immediately actionable data
  • Take the guesswork away: See how to improve store experience so customers notice


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Are your stores making you fit for survival? Take our retail readiness test.

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