Test your company with Customer Experience Maturity Assessment!

Want your business to become more customer centric, but unsure about the next move? Start with this quick and easy assessment of the current state of CX in your company. Find out what works and what does not, and prioritise your CX efforts.

Try the assessment yourself here, and we can discuss how the full version would look for your company.

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Purpose Process Deliverable: CX Status presentation

Come to a self-assessment of the current customer-centric capabilities at your company, with a good joint understanding by all involved stakeholders and departments about the current state, the future ambitions, and the roadmpag to get there. 



After a series of interviews with key stakeholders, a 20-question survey (completion time 20-30 mins) takes respondents through all aspects of customer-centricity.    In each question it probes for the degree in which these aspects are developed at your company.

We present the results at a workshop with key stakeholders to achieve alignment on the current state through discussing the results and comparing them to the (perceived) reality, and then discuss where the group would like to see the company in three years.


At the end of the survey, a report is compiled which provides:
  • The current state of customer-centricity at your company
  • The possible next states your company could pursue on each aspect of customer-centricity
  • A recommendation on the highest impact actions for the organisation.
  • A roadmap for implementation


Stakeholder conversations

Purpose Process Deliverable: Internal Insights deck Workshop

We say that perception is the only reality, and the way your key people perceive your CX may differ from what numbers or even customers tell you. We get an informal (qualitative) view of key stakeholders on the topic of customer centricity within the CAC.

Stakeholders should be recruited throughout all hierarchical levels to get sufficient input from the frontline.

  • Jointly identify 10-15 key stakeholders at all hierarchical levels
  • Arrange 1 – 1.5 hour interview sessions
  • Process the results and align with the outcomes of the CCMA scan
  • Internal insights on roles, processes, KPIs,...
  • Stories of greatness and pain
  • Proof or challenge for CXMA results.
  • Input for the roadmap

The purpose of this workshop is to translate all the deliverables produced in the previous steps into clear actions for the organisation.  

In specific, we would focus on aligning departments and executives to:

  • Review customer data to identify first quick wins & structural fixes
  • Review customer-centric capabilities and set ambition levels
  • Develop a long-term (2-3 year) and short-term (next 2 quarters) Roadmap


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