Facilitator – Behaviours coach – Agent of change

If you are not clear about your customer focus strategy Richard can help. If you are clear, then he can help make it happen. 

Richard Percival is a dynamic entrepreneurial individual with a positive, pragmatic approach to business. His commercial thinking has seen him take top leadership positions in the corporate world, including strategic planning and change management roles at Reebok, where he tripled sales and profits in the late nineties. While in charge at Pacific Direct and JD Sports, Richard is credited with refocusing, restructuring and turning the business around.

For the last five years as a Consultant Richard has worked with major corporate brands such as Coca Cola, Sony Ericsson and Toshiba, plus several telcos in Eastern Europe and The Middle East. He supports Futurelab clients with customer-centricity strategy creation and execution. He also brings specialist skills in leadership behaviour and executive coaching.

Email:    rpe@futurelab.net

Mobile: + 44 77 1536 9540