Dr. Paul Marsden is a consumer psychologist who helps brands and marketing agencies understand and influence consumer behavior.

He works as a freelance qualitative market researcher from Miami, specializing in communications and opinion leader research, digital ethnography and consumer trends.

Recent clients include LVMH, Nokia, BBC, Publicis, T-Mobile, WPP, Economist and the UK government.

Ex-AstraZeneca, Paul holds a PhD in psychology (spread of ideas through social networks) and is a certified Net Promoter® associate. Co-founder of two successful marketing services agencies (Spheeris, Brainjuicer), Paul has also authored a number of publications including the successful business book Connected Marketing. He is a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Paul also runs online communications courses for brands and organisations through Pinnacle Training, and is a regular media commentator and conference speaker on consumer and digital trends.

Email:   pma@futurelab.net

Phone: +305 903 33 50