• Occupation: Business Leader, Strategy & Innovation
  • Organisation: PwC’s US Advisory Practice


  • I’ve spent most of my intellectual life looking at technology and its effects on organizations and markets.  Also, I have a love of design too, and believe that digital technology changes the possibilities for design of human organizations.

  • I am working on new research into the global mega-trends and how they are making industries go from “mature” to demature — creating more opportunity for disruptive innovators to enter. This entire stream of work is called: Competition 2020, which is our effort to help organizations understand how to think about the future more creatively.

    In addition, I am  working on research that can help organizations get more profit per employee, and become “productivity stars”, companies that can grow profit and EBITDA per employee faster than their competition.

  • Former Professor at Harvard Business School for 12 years
  • (Founding) Editor of the Journal of Electronic Commerce

  • Writer and editor of a wide range of books and articles

Passionate question: How can executives create value with technology?


Daily Innovation

Twitter: @jjsviokla