Lynn Van Wezemael

Consumer guru – Seeker of knowledge – Scientist

Lynn brings academic rigour to customer-centricity. She is a Senior Researcher with Futurelab specialising in consumer research, data analysis and project management. She investigates consumer attitudes, perceptions and behaviour and is a master in both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Marina Natanova

Interrogator – Investigator – Atom-splitter

Marina is ruthless with clutter. She specializes in cutting through and helping clients pinpoint the questions that have the power to transform customer experience and deliver profit.

Matts Van Nieuwenhove

Business Analyst - Researcher - Data Guru

Matts started his career at Futurelab in 2019 after graduating from Ghent University with a Master of Science in Business Administration.

Stefan Kolle

Innovator – Disruptor – Enabler

Stefan is a disruptive influence. As co-founder, Managing Director and Chairman of the Board of Futurelab, he encourages businesses to shake up their marketplace through meaningful innovation in customer experience. 

Alain Thys

Storyteller – Simplifier – Strategist

Alain likes it best when the right thing to do is also a nice thing to do. That’s why he’s on a mission to make the world a more customer-friendly place. Not just because it’s nice, but because he has learned that customer-centricity is the most profitable strategy any business can pursue. 

Alexey Filatov

Media maven – Pragmatist – Russia expert

Alexey Filatov is a non-broadcast media expert with over 10 years experience across European markets. He is a highly pragmatic consultant and has a portfolio of some of the largest OOH clients in Russia including Unilever, Nestle and SUN InBev.

Beatrice Bortolozzo

Environmentalist – Marketer – Communicator

After completing her MBA in Milan, Beatrice spent several years outside of Italy, building an impressive marketing career. She worked for multinationals including Reebok Europe and Telfort (BT Group) where her passion for the environment soon led her to specialize in environmental marketing and communication.

Béatrice de Mahieu

Digital marketer – Integrated communicator – Food coach

Béatrice is an expert in digital and integrated marketing and communication. Her experience includes offline retail and channel marketing, one-to-one, digital and viral communications as well as mass integrated marcomms/PR campaigns. 

Danny Eldridge

Data insight – FMCG & retail – CRM expert

Danny is a widely experienced and well-connected strategic and commercial marketer. He has applied his team leading, project management and creative problem solving skills across a number of industries, countries and media. 

Gitta Grobert

Loyalty creator – Consumer insight – NPS® accredited

Gitta believes that making customers happy guarantees long-term business success and that it’s the best way to conquer the competition. She is a creative loyalty and communication expert and a true customer satisfaction enthusiast. 

Ingmar de Lange

Brand re-inventor – Seeker of meaning – Innovative marketer 

Ingmar keeps brands ahead of the curve. He is driven by the philosophy that even the most innovative approaches involve going back to basics. He asks brands to reinvent their role as providers of value and view their marketing as a service.

Iria Alba Lopez


Iria Alba Lopez is a design strategist, ethnographer and change specialist with a passion for human-centric innovation.

Jan Van Aken

CRM expert – 360° channel planner – Customer analyst

Jan’s career path has given him in-depth knowledge of CRM, one to one, customer analysis and segmentation, digital marketing technology, 360° channel planning (including interactive TV) and brand architecture.

Jan Van Mol

Concept king – Brand guru – Creative pioneer

Jan Van Mol is unashamedly addicted to creativity. He has a deep respect for human creativity in all its forms. He was recently selected by I.D. magazine for their top 40 Unsung Heroes of the international creative industry.

Jean-Luc Nocart

Team developer – Deep transformer - Financial services

Jean-Luc is a financial and card services strategy expert with three decades of experience in marketing, sales and customer service management experience.

Joan Sardà

Nurturer – Sparring Partner – Change Agent

Joan is a special blend. His 20 years in HR, sales and marketing innovation have given him a unique hybrid, understanding of customers and an instinctive ability to create compelling brand stories via physical and digital experiences.

John Lindsay

Brand architect – Deliverer of visions – Promise fulfiller

John has a gift for helping clients articulate, make and deliver on brand promises. He translates clients’ hopes and dreams into compelling corporate visions.

Juan Alegre

NPS® certified – Quality champion – Customer-driven

Juan dedicates his career to improving companies’ interactions with their customers. He specializes in the design and implementation of multi-channel customer experience and CRM strategies in large service organisations.

Julia Beck

Net Promoter - Expert on customer focused change - Coach

Julia Beck is an Expert on customer focused change with more than 25 years' experience. Her unique approach is based on marketing and change expertise combined with profound understanding of core consulting skills. 

Laurent Bouty

Strategist - Marketer - Make it happen

Passionate as an artist, number-oriented as a financier, processes oriented as an engineer and results-driven as a project manager, Laurent Bouty helps leading companies articulate, execute and present their Marketing strategies.

Michel Stevens

Unraveller – Performance pusher – Unlocker of potential

Michel is always looking for customer-centric puzzles to unravel. The trickier the better. Convinced that customer-centricity is the only way forward for businesses, Michel applies his leadership, management and out-of-the-box problem-solving skills to help them achieve it.

Milton Papadakis

Media maverick – Pioneer – Innovator

Milton knows the value of a good concept. In our ‘era of plenty’ where everyone claims ‘new and improved’, Milton helps clients make innovation mean something.

Morten Pedersen

Economizer – Media master – Agency relationships expert

Morten helps companies save big money on their marketing and media – locally, regionally and globally. With over 15 years of experience in media and communications and knowledge of over 80 markets worldwide, he brings international best practice to the table.

Norbert Verkimpe

Strategist - Entrepreneurial Thinker - M&A Expert

Norbert thinks bigger, further and faster than most people we know. He is a gifted business analyst and results-driven marketer with more than 30 years international management experience. He holds degrees in Informatics and Management and is also a Certified Associate in NPS®. We welcome Norbert to Futurelab as a Senior Partner focusing on data, metrics and change.

Peter Rombaut

Technophile – Listener – Bridge-builder

Peter is an interpreter by training. This makes him a world-class listener with a mind for analysis and synthesis. He also has a never-ending curiosity for the use of new technologies in marketing.  

Philip Greenfield

C-level cognoscenti – Team-builder – Marketer

Philip Greenfield has had hands-on experience in tackling some of the largest marketing challenges around. 

Pierre-Emmanuel Fobe

Operationaliser | Change driver

As Go2market leader and C-suite supporter, Pierre knows what a company needs, how to develop it, and how to drive implementation.

Richard Percival

Facilitator – Behaviours coach – Agent of change

If you are not clear about your customer focus strategy Richard can help. If you are clear, then he can help make it happen. 

Rodrigo Edwards S.

Founder - Teacher - CX consultant

Founder of Loyalty Metrics with a combined 15 years’ experience in management, NPS® and customer experience consulting.

Ronald Kleer

Problem Solver – Innovator – Performance improver

Ronald is a disrupter, focused on finding the best solutions to improve your business performance. His key focus areas are business transformation & performance improvement, performance culture and the future of work.

Scott McLaughlin

Retail warfare strategist – Clear-thinker – Market developer

Scott has spent his working life creating and executing sales and communications strategies with a specific track record in new market development. He is a grounded pragmatist and passionate advocate for human-centric strategy. 

Thomas Reimann

Business Coach – Motivator – Bringer of inspiration

When Thomas walks into the training room, you know something good is about to happen to you. Thomas passionately believes that the effects of training should infuse the workplace – immediately, permanently and measurably.

Thomas Wind

Client-facing - creative - results-oriented

With his customer-centric way of thinking, Thomas brings a wide range of skills and know-how to solving complex business challenges. He has over 20 years of experience in different industries in both corporate and management consulting environments.

Timur Gadzhiev

Media analyst - Media consultant - Advertiser

Timur Gadzhiev is Futurelab’s associate in Moscow. His background is in media analytics and advertising effectiveness. One of the first independent media consultants in Russia, he has developed AdScan: the methodology of media that has by now been accepted as an industry standard.

Annette Franz

  • Occupation:  Customer Experience Consultant
  • Organisation: CX Journey

Brian Ling

Occupation: Design Director 

Organisation: Design Sojourn Consulting

Chris Lawer

  • Occupation: Managing Director / Founder and CEO
  • Organisation: Strategyn UK / ZinC


Christian Smagg


  • International CRM & e-Marketing Expert
  • Techno-Marketing Specialist



danah boyd

  • Occupation: Senior Researcher
  • Organisation: Microsoft Research New England


David Armano

  • Occupation:  Executive Vice President, Global Innovation & Integration 
  • Organisation: Edelman Digital


David Polinchock

  • Occupation:  Director
  • Organisation: AT&T AdWorks Lab


David Wigder

  • Occupation: Senior Director, Marketing Strategy
  • Organisation: Ogilvy


Denise Lee Yohn

Occupation: Brand-building Expert

Organisation: Independent Consultant

Dick Stroud

  • Occupation: Consultant, lecturer and writer
  • Organisation: 20Plus30


Dominic Basulto


Eliane Alhadeff

  • Occupation: Future-World Thinking & Modeling
  • Organization: Future-Making Serious Games


Esteban Kolsky

Occupation: Customer Strategist
Organisation: Independent consultant

Greg Satell

Occupation: Independent Consultant

Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki is the co-founder of, an “online magazine rack” of popular topics on the web, the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm and a columnist for Entrepreneur Magazine.  Previously, he was an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer, Inc.


Occupation: Founder & Principal

Organisation: Dinamo AS, Oslo



Hutch Carpenter

Occupation: Senior Consultant

Organisation: HYPE Innovation

Idris Mootee

  • Occupation: CEO/President
  • Organisation: Idea Couture Inc. – Applying Design Thinking in Business Strategy


Jennifer Rice

  • Occupation: Principal and Chief Strategist
  • Organisation: Fruitful Strategy


Joel Makower

Occupation: Chairman and Executive Editor


John Caddell

  • Occupation: Founder and Principal
  • Organisation: Caddell Insight Group, a consultancy focused on product marketing, innovation, alliances and strategy


Jon Miller

Jon writes about new ideas and techniques in B2B marketing, ranging from search engine marketing and landing pages

  • Occupation: Vice President Marketing
  • Organisation: Marketo


Jonathan Salem Baskin

  • Occupation:  Disrupting the Conventional Wisdom that innovation only happens at digital tech startups.
  • Mobile: +1 312 725 0261


Joseph Mann

  • Occupation: Marketing Technologist & Demand Creation Consultant
  • Organisation: MannPower Design


Karl Long

  • Passion: Microbranding and Micromarketing for service based businesses
  • Organisation: Local Zing Inc.


Lance Bettencourt

  • Occupation: Service innovation and customer experience advisor, author, speaker, and trainer
  • Organisation: Service 360 Partners

Lynette Webb

  • Occupation: Senior Manager, Speechwriting & Research
  • Organisation: Google

Matt Bamford-Bowes

  • Occupation:   Digital Planner and Head of Social
  • Organisation: The Brooklyn Brothers


Matt Rhodes

  • Occupation: Head of Client Services
  • Organisation: FreshNetworks


Maz Iqbal

  • Occupation: Customer Strategist
  • Organisation: Independent Consultant


Michael Hoexter

  • Occupation:  I work in the marketing of energy efficient products and services and renewable energy in California
  • Organisation: Freelance

Nancy Baym

  • Occupation: Associate Professor of Communication Studies
  • Organisation: University of Kansas


Neil Perkin

Occupation: Founder of Only Dead Fish

Organisation: Only Dead Fish


Paul Marsden

Dr. Paul Marsden is a consumer psychologist who helps brands and marketing agencies understand and influence consumer behavior.

Rick van der Wal


Ron Shevlin

Ron Shevlin has been a marketing consultant for more than 25 years. Currently, he is a senior analyst at Aite Group where he specializes in retail banking issues, including sales and marketing technology, customer and marketing analytics, social media, customer experience and consumer behaviour.

Scott Goodson

  • Occupation: Founder and CEO
  • Organization: StrawberryFrog

Sean Moffitt

Sean is a well-recognized thought leader in company innovation, brand leadership, social influence marketing and online community building, marrying his passion for grassroots engagement, digital technologies and the brand. He has been an executive-level marketer, agency leader and consultant, in roles bridging the traditional and digital divide for over 15 years.

Sebastian Campion

  • Occupation: Designer and researcher
  • Organisation: Currently working as a freelancer, based in Copenhagen.

Taylan Kadayifcioglu

  • Video Game Business and Marketing Strategist
  • Master of Business Administration
  • B.Sc. Environmental Engineer
  • Ambilateral thinker

Wim Rampen

  • Occupation: Customer Analytics, Customer Experience & Brand Management


Yann Gourvennec