We are proud and happy to announce the launch of the Futurelab Weekly Webinars. As we have accumulated so many insights, cases and presentations over the past 17 years of customer strategy, CX, VoC and EX consultancy, we thought it’s about time to really start sharing that content - every Tuesday at 12.30 CET, so it's a nice half hour during your lunch break.
We have given plenty of presentations and webinars in the past, but it was always a one-off event. Now we want to establish a rhythm – every Tuesday around lunchtime (depending on where you are) you can find half an hour of fresh content. And of course, if you can’t make it to the webinar itself, you can check out the recording afterwards (or ask us for it).
We will start off with a whole cycle around our CCC-model. You may have seen the paper in which we introduced this model – which helps you set up your VoC-programme (and by extension your CX programme) for success. We also organized a webinar around that. However, one webinar (even of an hour, which is pretty long) is not enough to cover that matter, by far.