7 Ways of Unleashing your Creativity

by: Design Translator

No matter how good a designer we are, they are times when we face mental blocks that disrupt our design thinking. So in times like these, how can we then boost our creative juices? Here’s another exciting post by our resident contributor py, helping me fill in while I’m off beating my head on some other issues!

Here are some tips inspired by the best, on how we can unleash the creativity from inside us:

1. Setting up your dedicated workspace

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How Will Enterprise 2.0 Transform the Workplace

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Enterprise 2.0 and the Concept of Virtuality

by: Idris Mootee

While we we're on the topic of Enterprise 2.0,
I remember when Peter Drucker coined the term "knowledge worker" some
15 years ago he was referring to a new class of employee whose basic means of
production was no longer making widgets (I don't mean the software widgets, I
mean object), but, rather, the effective use of knowledge and creativity.
Knowledge worker includes not only the traditional professionals (architects

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