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Employees 'sell' Apple Macs to Their Bosses

by: Mark Rogers

Steve Jobs of Apple doesn’t employ a sales force to persuade corporations to switch to Apple. Nonetheless Apple market share in this area is growing, driven in part by the consumer’s liking for the iPod and iPhone. In an intriguing Business Week survey Peter Burrows highlights that employees, sick of a PC by day, Mac by night existence, are pushing their firms into switching to Apple.

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War of the Concepts: Virus vs Spread

by: Nancy Baym

Last Thursday and Friday I had the pleasure of attending a retreat of the Convergence Culture Consortium, an alliance between a core group led by Henry Jenkins and William Uricchio in Comparative Media Studies at MIT, industry partners, and consulting researchers made up of people like myself looking at issues around participatory audiences, media convergence, and all that good stuff.

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Consumer Generated Media as Driver of Green Marketing

by: David Wigder

An interview with Pete Blackshaw, CMO, Nielsen BuzzMetrics   

The creation and distribution of consumer-generated media (CGM) online is rapidly changing the marketing landscape. Consumers are actively participating online, providing opinions, perspective and feedback on the products and brands they like and dislike through a variety of channels including message boards, social networking sites, corporate sites, online communities and blogs.

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Some Random Thoughts on Tactics

by: David Polinchock

I know, I've been quiet lately. Part of it is travel, part of it is work and part of it is probably ADD setting in and just losing interest in blogging. It's been almost 4 years, so it's not surprising that I'm losing some steam.

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A Word on WoM Metrics

 by: Stefan Kolle

        As I pointed out in my previous post, in my opinion we are measuring the wrong things in marketing, and many of us are still living in a delusional world of measurability. Let me take this discussion into the realm of Word of Mouth (WoM).

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Metrics vs Attention, Relevance and Reputation

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The Future of Reputation: Gossip, Rumor, and Privacy on the Internet

by: danah boyd

I was last in DC, I had lunch with Daniel Solove and we were talking
about book publishing. He had been thinking of making his book
downloadable under Creative Commons and I was like DO IT DO IT! This is

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Changing Your Marketing Mindset: 12 Steps to the Interactive Future

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Our Prejudiced Brains

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B2B Public Relations & Blogs: Policy, Resources, Process & Promotion

by: Josh Hawkins

A recent survey of
business reporters shows that over 80 percent say they use, or would
use, blogs as a primary or secondary source of information for news
stories. This is a pretty serious wakeup call for anyone doing B2B PR.
If you don't already have a social media program in place, it's time to
get started. But while the mechanics of launching a blog are
straightforward, there are a number of questions to ask and strategic

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