wisdom of crowds

Public Policy as a Game

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Gamers can now foresake slaughtering trolls (or one another) on MMORPG fantasy adventures, and instead participate in game intended to drive consensus opinion on major global issues.

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Cumulative Advantage Versus the Wisdom of Crowds

by: David Jennings

There's an interesting article in Sunday's New York Times about how we arrive at collective judgements of cultural products.

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The Radio Times of the Future

by: David Jennings

This is the second of the excerpts from the first full draft of my book that I think it is worth rescuing from the cutting room floor. As I explained for the first one, there were a bunch of fictional scenarios that I devised imagining possible futures for consumers and for media organisations of different kinds. Some of them, including this one, were written in the form of interviews with media professionals.

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Can We Crowdsource Great Designs?

by: Design Translator

I stumbled over an interview conducted in 1957 between Mike Wallace and Frank Lloyd Wright where he discussed his thoughts on the common man and designing for the common man.

Wallace: What do you think of the average man in the United States who has little use for your ideas in architecture, in politics, in religion?

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Do All Social Networks Suck at Groups?

by: Nancy Baym

Web 2.0 is supposed to be all about harnessing the wisdom of crowds, playing simultaneously off the glorification of the individual via personalized profiles and services and the algorithmic magic that happens when individual data is mined.

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If 2 Minds Are Better than One Then How about 2 Thousand?

by: Lynette Webb

This was the title of an article I stumbled across, a review of a book about AI and the way minds work. www.emcp.com/intro_pc/reading12.htm. I can't vouch for the book yet, although I've just ordered it... (I have SO many books piled up now, it's getting ridiculous!)... But something about this phrase just really grabbed me.

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