wisdom of crowds

How To Outsmart the Crowd

Most of us live busy lives. There is work, family, maybe a hobby or two and the need for some leisure time to refresh our batteries. So the amount of things we devote serious thought to is necessarily small and we get in the habit of not paying attention to much that goes on around us.

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The Unwisdom of Crow

Rising costs on everyday necessities, no good job opportunities, and a crushing national debt. Sound familiar? They were the primary triggers for what became the French Revolution.

While the parallels to today’s political experiences (most notably the Tea Party, and now the Occupy Wall Street movement) aren’t direct, both eras of social movements  evidence the consistent unwisdom of crowds.

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I Hate the Word "Content"

Calling the output of writers, musicians, moviemakers and even the artisans of branding's dark arts "content" is like referencing the substance of every meal "food," or labeling the specific events of human experience "life."

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What You Don't Know about Crowdsourcing and Why They Often Fail?

Innovation is hard, it is not about getting the idea at all, it is about managing ideas. So you’ve have a few great ideas, so what? There is a lot of art and science behind moving ideas along corporate decision chain as well as managing unknowns. I remember I used to teach an in-house program for my strategists on “managing the unknowns.” These MBAs struggle with not finding enough data points and as a result stuck in the innovation process. How often these big world changing ideas came from people with MBAs?

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Flipped Is Out

I am pleased to announce that my new book, Flipped: How Bottom-Up Co-Creation is Replacing Top-Down Innovation is out. Well, it's not totally a new book. Doug Seibold, Eileen Johnson and the good folks at Agate Publishing suggested that we republish my 2004 book, Beyond the Brand. Both of us felt that the book needed to be updated and that the original title didn't really capture what the book was about. We decided to go back to the name I had initially proposed to my first publisher, Flipped.

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Let’s Talk about the Other F Word

In our society FAIL is a four-letter word.

Yet, when I gave my CU Commencement Speech, Dare to Fail, I was blown away by the conversation it started. So many people reached out with stories of their own failures and the powerful things they learned. Failure is in the air.

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A Presentation about Community, by the Community - The Finished Presentation

OK. So here is the finished presentation from my presentation crowdsourcing experiment (back story here) that I gave at yesterday's conference. In the end I had about 30 slides contributed. I've tried wherever possible to leave them in as original state as I could, but (perhaps inevitably) I've had to make the odd tweak, usually just to aid the flow of presentation, and ensure that the slides linked together reasonably cohesively.

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Read All About It (In French)

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

A future for newspapers?

The French government has announced a ten-fold increase in its support for the country's print media, in an effort "...to make sure an independent, free and pluralistic press exists," according to President Nicholas Sarkozy.

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Insight from Online Communities: 4. Rating and Voting

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AskNature.org: A Peek Into Mother Nature's R&D Lab

by: Joel Makower

A valuable new tool has hit the Web, and it promises to make a wealth of Mother Nature's wisdom available to architects, designers, engineers, and others involved in the creation of products, services, and packaging.

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