wisdom of the crowds

From the Wisdom of Crowds, to the Wisdom of Friends

"I think the wisdom of crowds applies not just to Google but to a phase of the web, which was about information and about links. It was a lot of wonderful things, mostly based on anonymity and links between crowds... Ours just starts from a totally different place. So it's an evolution." Sheryl Sandberg

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No, No, Stop Tweeting Already!

I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore. If you are a regular dim bulber, you know what I'm going to say. My apologies, in advance, but this content thing has gotten waaaaaay out of hand. I don't blame the proponents of social theory. They're good salespeople, and they seem to believe what they're pitching; the fact that they're completely clueless isn't my beef. I say shame on marketers for being so gullible and lost for believing the BS.

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Guillotine Owners Stay Ahead

I had an inane exchange with a social media consultant on his blog last week that reminded me of a truism: just as the rule for understanding politics is to follow the money, an important quality of social media experience is revealed when you consider the role of the megaphone owner...or, in this case, the guy who operates the guillotine.

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