Marginal and Breakthrough Innovation

I liked this talk from Tim Harford from the Wired conference a while back. He uses some great examples to talk about the requirement for both types of innovation - that which brings incremental gain and continuous improvement over time, and the kind that involves high risk, different thinking, frequent failure but big potential gain.

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Your Mind's Civil Rights

by: Roger Dooley

WIRED ran an interesting piece that suggests increasingly invasive brain technologies will become a legal battleground. The more obvious areas have already been discussed here and elsewhere: using brain scans as lie detectors or to see if an individual recognizes someone or something (as part of a legal investigation, perhaps). That could be just the beginning, though.

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The Communist Manifesto of Chris Anderson

by: Ilya Vedrashko

under the layers of acquired historical meanings lies an often

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Conversational Marketing: Any Topic… So Long As It’s About Our Product

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