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What Is All The Content Marketing Fuss About?

Content is definitely the new hype on the marketing block, rapidly closing in on the peak of inflated expectations. There is a ‘Content Marketing Institute‘ with infographics that says 92% of marketers already use content marketing and more than half of all marketers will increase their budgets allocated to the trend in 2014. It could be a consequence of ambiguously broad definitions but it could also be a way  too low number, for basically anything marketing (communication) produces is to be considered content.
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Big-Data’s Diminishing Returns

I continue to be a skeptic when it comes to the Big Data-version in which marketers get to scrape all data they can get their hands on to improve their ability to target prospects and Customers with so-called ‘personalized’ offers.
I’m a skeptic about this since I believe it is an approach that ultimately suffers from the law of diminishing returns, and at an increasingly high speed.
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A Matter Of Who And What To Value

Last week I stumbled into a post from Don Peppers about the Real Implications of the 80/20 Rule. Peppers uses a football-stadium of 50.000 people (Customers and prospects to be exact) as an example to explain that the 80/20 rule not only implies that 80 % of your business is done by just 10.000 people in the stadium, but that the same rule also implies that 80% of the business of those 10.000 is done by just 2.000, and 80 % of the business of these 2.000 is done by just 400 etc etc.. In the end Don concludes that it is just 80 people who do as much as 2/3 of the business the other 49.920 are doing.
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Marketing’s New Key Competence: Driving the Consumer’s Decision Journey…

Over the past years a lot has been written on the importance of understanding and aligning with the Consumer Decision Journey and more specifically how it has changed with the rise of the Internet of Things. I like to refer to this combination of phenomena as the ‘ConsumerNet of Things’ for it stretches beyond the Internet into (real life) social networks and e.g. plain old brick & mortar stores as well. It’s the ‘web’ of resources (information, knowledge, connections, relationships, platforms, devices etc etc) available to Consumers (in a specific context) when searching for (and using) products and services to help them get their jobs done.
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Sorry NPS, I’m Not Buying (It)..

I know a lot has been said about Net Promoter Score (NPS), and I’m not in this world to judge anyone who’s working with it, or developing it into a Net Promoter System. I do like to share my experiences with it though, hoping to attract other people who’d like to share theirs, so we can all get a better understanding of what drives Customer loyalty and how to manage for it. Unfortunately the Net Promoter Score is not working for me right now. And here’s why:

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What Really Replaces Marketing (Madness)...

If there ever was a reason for me to write about the future of marketing, it was in 2009. The theme though is as alive today as it was then. Some argue little has changed, others state the new era has already arrived. And there is Nilofer Merchant (@Nilofer) who suggests Marketing is Dead and then comes up with 5 ways to replace it. All in itself these five ways are things I can relate to, but they don’t make it as replacements for Marketing, in my humble opinion.

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How To (Not) Get Smart About Big Data

If you are to believe the talk of twitter-town and its suburbs, due to the connectivity of numerous devices worldwide, we (will) also have available so much data, it is just waiting to be mined and will change how we do, well..,  just about everything. All this is being referred to as Big Data. The problem with all this data of course is the filtering.

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Sorry, Marketing’s 4P Framework Is Not Dead...

Why Do B-Schools Still Teach The Famed 4P’s Of Marketing, When Three Are Dead? That was the question raised by Jens Martin Skibsted and Rasmus Bech Hansen and it received some good traction. Skibsted and Hansen argue that the only P of the four alive is Product.

Now, I won’t spend time arguing their arguments. I can see how they (and others alike) came to their conclusion. I’m just not so much of a guy that throws good stuff away. I like to try and see if I can fit what I think and see into the current framework. So here’s my perspective on the 4 P’s:

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5 Things You Need To Know About (Social) CRM (Definitions)

I think trying to define something is a very good exercise to understand what you are dealing with or what you are trying to do it for. It also helps to communicate internally. And regardless of what many say, I don’t think there are enough definitions of (Social) CRM, at least not good ones.. But that is a personal opinion, not relevant to today’s post.

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Observations Why Social CRM Isn’t….

No, I won’t claim Social CRM is dead, to the contrary. It just isn’t growing up fast enough to really have a business impact. This is more likely due to the slow pace at which companies are responding to changing market environments than it is due to the advancement of technology.

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