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Free Web Page Heat Maps?

by: Roger Dooley

The common belief is that neuromarketing is trying to find the mythical
"buy button" in the brain. If you are an ecommerce web designer,
though, the "buy button" is one thing you want to be sure your visitors
can find very easily!

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Digital Experience Design + A New Book From David Lee King

by: David Armano

Meet David Lee King.  David's a librarian.  David's interested in transforming the library experience.  He's also interested in Experience Design—specifically, Digital Experience Design.

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A Multi-cultural World and Web Design

by: Hemant Karandikar

Ordinary people like us think that designers are a crazy lot and that designs happen somehow. Designers might think that users lack aesthetic sensibilities and need to be educated.

Amidst this great divide here comes a paper by Hofstede on implications of culture on web user interface design. As the web spreads more and more in a multi-cultural world such articles bring fresh perspectives for designers. Read on…

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