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Top 5 Harvard Business Review Breakthrough Ideas

by: John Caddell

In which we select the best of the annual Harvard Business Review list of twenty breakthrough ideas (free link) for the benefit of time-constrained executives everywhere. This service is provided at no extra charge.

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Flashy Micro-sites Are So 2007. Look for Distributed Content Experiences in 2008.

by: David Armano

I'm having a real-time Twitter conversation with Adweek's Brian Morrissey who, as an avid runner is not a fan of the site and offers this opinion:

"the content is one-size-fits-all lame, the redirect to forums sucks out loud and it's still nike talking at me."

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Driving successfully web 2.0 into the enterprise

by: Christian Smagg

There are risks and challenges associated with adopting any new technology, and Enterprise 2.0 is no different. 

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Matt Cutts and Blogging for Traffic

by: Roger Dooley

Got a brand new website you want to promote? Wondering how to get
traffic and improve Google rankings? Google’s webmaster Svengali Matt Cutts clued us in at the recent Pubcon in Las Vegas: start a blog. (You were expecting, maybe, “buy a bunch of links?”
) Matt pointed out that Wordpress was mostly pre-optimized for search

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Bubble 2.0 Video

by: Karl Long

LOL, is it me or is this guy taking some swipes at scoble:

“blogging even if your wrong” when scoble was talking about search and then the closing classic picture of scoble leaving the apple store in triumph with the iPhone?

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Unleashing the Power of Remote Collaboration & Virtual Team Management

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Must see video: 'We Think' vs.'The Cult of the Amateur'

by: Alain Thys

Have you ever wondered what would happen if  We Think's Charles Leadbeater would meet Silicon Valley's self-proclaimed anti-christ Andrew Keen who's written The Cult of the Amateur ?

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A Little Less Conversation ... (slideshow)

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Open Social - the Social Network For Companies Scared Of Facebook

by: Karl Long

And myspace might be saying “Thanks for the add” to google as well.

I had initially thought this story from Tech Crunch was like a formation of a “coalition of the willing” with the other social networks, but I’m begining to think it might have much bigger implications.

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Proprietary Platforms are Like Ice Cubes

by: Lynette Webb

I really like this analogy. It touches on an interesting debate too… although I personally agree 100% open always trumps 100% closed in the end, nowadays it’s not always so black and white. Services can be open in some aspects and not others; there are different degrees of open-ness… 

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