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Glasses, Gloves Simulate Geriatric Impairments

Wall Street Journal writes about a sensitivity training that puts marketers in the old peoples' shoes, literally: "Before walking into a Walgreens drugstore here, Todd Vang [a Walgreens VP] donned glasses that blurred his vision, slipped un-popped popcorn into his shoes and adjusted tape that bound his thumbs to his palms."

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No Female Business Gurus? Try this List

by: John Caddell

There was a fun article today in the Wall Street Journal that ranked the top business gurus by citation, Google hits and media mentions. Familiar names, like Gary Hamel, Malcolm Gladwell and Thomas Friedman are in the top 5.

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Collaboration or Individual Leadership? Which Is It?

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Social Networks Used as Back-doors by Scammers for Online Fraud

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Too much innovation: Everybody must get stroned

by: Dominic Basulto

Every week, the Wall Street Journal publishes a quick-and-dirty "Tricks of the Trade" column with an expert within a certain field.

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