How far will a brand stretch?

by: Jennifer Rice

Friday's Wall Street Journal offers two examples of brands trying to stretch outside their traditional boundaries.

First, Wal-Mart plans to launch small-footprint stores in a response to Tesco's entrance into the US market. Two different concepts will be launched next year:

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Lighting companies have a negative incentive to sell compact fluorescents

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Wal-Mart's Solar Energy Vision

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Walmart, Milk, and the Future of the Organic Standard

by: Michael Hoexter

The coming of the Walmart leviathan to the world of organic food has over the last year been viewed with trepidation by the organic food movement.

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Let's go green! Or is it grey?

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Can 'Small-Mart' Replace Wal-Mart?

by: Joel Makower

What would the world be like without Wal-Mart? It's not a simple answer.

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Changing Wal-Mart

by: David Polinchock

Wal-Mart is trying very hard these days to reinvent themselves as something cool and hip. They're creating different kinds of stores and, like many other retailers, developing consumer-centric stores.

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Back to School at Wal-Mart

by: David Wigder

Wal-Mart is sending its employees back to school – all 1.3MM of them – to teach them “how to better take care of themselves and the environment”.

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Turning Data Into Dollars: Wal-Mart Said What?

by: John Sviokla

The front page of yesterday's Wall Street Journal reported how Tesco in the UK is beating up on Wal-Mart's Asda chain by using Clubcard data to analyze their customers and create new offerings including providing beer discounts for new fathers who can no longer head to the pub, increase their beer purchases when they pick up the nappies for Junior.

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Walmart TV has Huge Audience Rivalling That of Networks

by: Lynette Webb

 Click image to enlarge.

Pics are from various google searches and from the Economist article itself.

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