VW to Launch New Model with iPhone Advergame

AdAge today: "Volkswagen of America is launching the newest-generation GTI exclusively on an iPhone app." The entire launch budget for the new model is estimated $500K instead of the customary $60M, since the game is the only thing VW is doing. Fail or win, this is bound to end up in everyone's PowerPoint decks, so I went in to take a few pictures as a matter of public service.

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Kerri Martin. Goodson Does The People - Lunchtime Chats

by: Scott Goodson

Here is my second interview in a series of interesting and wonderful personalities who are shaping the marketing landscape.

She could have been a rock'n'roller but turned to marketing instead. Now, after championing some of the most extraordinary and most-awarded work in the business, Kerri Martin is firmly established among America's heavyweight marketing stars. And the journey has been an adventure, she tells me.

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A double take or a double take too far?

by: Dick Stroud

This is what VW says about this campaign.

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New Beetle Art

by: Sebastian Campion

Volkswagen UK has introduced a service, which allows owners of the new Beetle to personalize the exterior of their car with arty stickers.


Via a website, customers can configure their Beetle based on four types of artworks made by four different artists.

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VW's Helga on MySpace

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Project FOX - A Volkswagen Experience

by: Sebastian Campion

In collaboration with MTV, Volkswagen is about to launch a 3 week-long lifestyle event in Copenhagen to promote the newest and youngest member of its family - the VW Fox.


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