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VoC: What’s Wrong With VoC and How Do You Get It Right? (Part II)

In the previous post I shared the first part of my discussion around VoC with Erich Dietz, VP of Business Solutions at Mindshare Technologies (specialists in customer surveys and enterprise feedback).  The key point of that post was captured in Erich’s words: “No-one is really doing VoC surveys with the customer in mind!” In this post I wish to share/discuss with you the other big issue that came up in my conversation with Eric.  Before that lets just briefly summarise best practice in soliciting customer feedback.

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VoC: What’s Wrong With VoC and How Do You Get It Right? (Part I)

I like the folks at Mindshare Technologies – specialists in customer surveys and enterprise feedback. We share a philosophy, YOLOMAD: you only live once, make a difference. From what I can tell they are passionate about helping companies to get access to the Voice of the Customer and use that to improve the customer experience and cultivate customer loyalty that delivers revenues and profits.

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Ernan Roman on Voice of Customer Marketing

Ernan Roman is one of the leading authorities in Voice of Customer-driven Relationship Marketing and I’m pleased to share my interview with him.

Ernan is President of the eponymous marketing consultancy, Ernan Roman Direct Marketing, (ERDM) which works with innovative Fortune and Growth companies such as Microsoft, NBC Universal, Reliant Energy, and IBM.

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