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Ten (And a Bit) Stats On Why The Visual Web Matters

Yesterday I was invited to speak at SXSE and having pretty much an open brief, chose to concentrate on two of my favourite things…stats and pictures!  The presentation is below, it goes into a bit more detail about why an image led online world matters.

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The Importance of the ‘Visual Web’ – Some Stats

Recently, Read Write Web’s Richard McManus penned a series of articles around ‘The Visual Web’, “meaning that images and video are becoming an increasingly important part of what we consume online.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Speaking personally, Instagram started replacing Twitter as my social network of choice about a year ago.    More to the point, there is now a wealth of statistics to underpin what Richard is talking about.  This is specially when you consider that many of the biggest social media stories of the past year – Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and now the likes of Socialcam – are visual.

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