Ponderings for 2019

I guess the most obvious and most likely thing that 2019 will bring is pretty much the same things as 2018 bestowed. Somehow that doesn't seem the right thing an observer about the ageing business should be saying - 'just read what I said about 2018'.

I have no doubt there will be the usual round of longevity conferences and innovation events that will be as memorable as they were in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. Lots of ground breaking technologies and insights and lots and lots of hand wringing that 'something must be done'.

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So, You've Got Executive Commitment...

Are your executives on board with your desire to improve the customer experience? 

When I'm asked about the largest impediment to a successful customer experience transformation, my answer is always this: a lack of executive buy-in and commitment.

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It's Not About the Metric

I originally wrote today's post for Confirmit in November 2014. I've made some modifications.

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Is Your Customer Experience Suffering from Short-Sightedness?

I originally wrote today's post for The DiJulius Group; it was posted on their blog on May 15, 2014.

Is your company short-sighted when it comes to the customer?

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Why Most Marketers Will Fail in the Era of Big Data

Galileo once said that “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”Great marketers uncover those obvious, but unexpected truths to win consumers hearts and sell products.

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What Jazz Can Teach Business About Innovation

In a recent episode of Boardwalk Empire, Chalky White’s wife was angry because he took his son to play with Jazz musicians at his nightclub. She feared that it would upset the order of his classical training.

Traditionally, business executives have felt the same way. They would bring in bright young prospects and make them “organization men”—and later women as well—who would work their way up through the system and then indoctrinate the next generation.

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Sound and Vision

Lovely little film for Soundcloud and a lovely little story from VC Fred Wilson about how founder Alex Ljung pitched him for funding several times before he was successful:

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Design with Vision, Optimise with Feedback

I'm a big fan of testing and optimisation. When user feedback is so valuable, yet so readily available, and real-time, can you really justify not incorporating it into your working practices and developing a culture around test and learn? Smart, digitally focused businesses like ASOS, Netflix and Zynga have been enormously successful through doing just that.

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Experiencing the Sharp Experience

What happens when a $2.1BB+ organization re-commits its 20,000+ people to its vision and values?! I got to find out last week when I attended “Extraordinary: The Power of Ten” the All-Staff Assembly put on by Sharp Healthcare. Thanks to a generous invitation from Mark Tomaszewicz, the director of The Sharp Experience, I got to experience first-hand the truly remarkable event.

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Innovation, Strategy and Leadership? It Means Leading with Purpose and Imagination

Innovation, strategy and leadership are so closely interrelated and to succeed you need all those three. Innovation is the ability to different options in the future and develop a set of perspectives to guide them into the future. Strategy is the ability to connect customer needs and wants to the corporation’s core capability. Leadership is the ability to instill a sense of purpose for the organization and to mobilize those to work towards the goal.

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