Are Virgin America’s Free Flights a Good Social Media Strategy?

Virgin America is giving away free flights to social media influencers it has identified on Twitter. There is (it assures us) no catch. It has used Klout, a tool which analyses influence on Twitter, to identify influential people in the Toronto area and offered them free flights on its new services to Los Angeles and San Francisco. These influencers only have to pay taxes. They are not being asked to do anything in return for this. They are just being asked to enjoy a flight, free Wi-Fi onboard and a launch party in Toronto.

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Virgin's Socially Good Businesses

by: Jennifer Rice

Virgin offers a great case study of a company that's seeking ways to align inputs and outputs with social good to create both competitive and societal advantage. They're making an active effort to not only run more sustainable businesses, but also to integrate social good into the customer experience and raise awareness and social engagement among their customers.

Inputs (behind-the-scenes business operations)

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