Advertising in Violent Game Scenes

Having blasted my way through Carmageddon all the way to the streets of San Andreas and Pripyat,  I'm no stranger to cartoony violence, but somehow slaughtering helpless civilian crowds wholesale just feels off. This leaked video is from the upcoming Modern Warfare 2 shooter that hits the stores on November 10th and has already broken Gamestop's pre-order records.

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Talk: The Sex, the Violence and the Dirty Money: The Truth about Social Virtual Worlds

by: Gary Hayes

The slides below are from a presentation I did last week at the Monash Law Chambers as part of a four speaker mix on Law and Regulation of Virtual Worlds. The embed below has just been elevated as a slideshare featured presentation - so goes to show what a catchy title will do. I co-presented with Dan Hunter, New York Law School, Melbourne University Law, Melissa deZwart, Senior Lecturer, Monash Law and David Lindsay, Senior Lecturer, Monash Law.

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Venezuelan protests: blurring the line between 'real' and 'virtual'

by: Dominic Basulto

The ongoing story about "virtual demonstrations" in Second Life by Venezuelan dissidents illustrates the various ways that our collective notions of "real life" and "virtual life" are blurring together. rring together.

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Ten Questions with Dr. Philip Zimbardo

by: Guy Kawasaki

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