Viral Video and Neuromarketing

by: Roger Dooley

One of the hottest marketing techniques in the last year has been viral video - create a clever enough video segment, and with minimal promotion it can reach a Super Bowl ad-sized audience for a tiny-fraction of the cost.

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Public radio's Ira Glass on storytelling

by: John Caddell

Two of my favorite bloggers have posted on Ira Glass' (This American Life) videos on storytelling.

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Is this a real Burger King Commercial?

by: David Polinchock

Wasting part of the day today while waiting for a package to arrive and came across this video. You have to watch it all the way through to get the punch line. Anyone know if Crispin did it?  Click here to watch video.

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Joost's Advertising Model

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Another ad with a 70-plus

by: Dick Stroud is targeting single boomers the fastest-growing subscriber age group. The company says that since 2000, the number of boomers is up 350% to 1.7 million – that is 11% of its membership.

A current TV ad for features a widowed New York woman age 71 whose logon is DanishBeauty22 and who now has her own blog.

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Panel of Web Community Founders: Utter Defiance of the 'Venture Capital' Model

by: Guy Kawasaki

At the CommunityNext conference I moderated this panel with the founders of six very successful web properties.

Click here for video...

  1. Akash Garg of hi5

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A Wake Up Call From Big Blue

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Innovation as a 'transitional iteration'

by: Dominic Basulto

In the current issue of New York Magazine, Kurt Andersen describes the changing dynamics of the media business, with a focus on how established media outlets like the New York Times and Washington Post are dealing with the explosion in popularity of online video.

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The new Dove ad campaign (video)

by: Dick Stroud

This is in your face, no excuses, 50-plus advertising.  I think it is great.

Click here to see video

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One for the Weekend: Apple ... You're Beautiful

by: Alain Thys

Today I had a lunch meeting in which the topics of conversation included Net Promoter Score, delighting customers and making sure consumers care enough to carry your brand's message into the world.  Yet when you put all the buzzwords aside, I think this video of an Apple fan and her dream says it all.  

Would your customers care enough about your brand to include your brand in something like this?

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