LEGO Is the Coolest Toy Ever

If you ever had any doubts at all that LEGO was the coolest toy ever this video will rock your mind. Talk about some late night grinding. It took 1500 hours to make the LEGO creations for this video.

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Future: Disposable Video Players

"Wait, what??? did I miss a few years of tech?"

I bet a lot of us had the same reaction best expressed in a comment about yesterday's news that a September issue of Entertainment Weekly will come out with an insert sporting mini video screens to promote Pepsi and CBS's fall line-up. Not particularly impressed with the execution of the Esquire's eInk cover stunt, many wondered what kind of technology would be powering the screens that apparently can run up to 40 minutes of video each.

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This Spot Makes Me Puke

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Microsoft continues to stumble along its doomed quest for cool with a series of Internet videos that make absolutely no sense. One spot (above) was so incomprehensibly bad that popular outcry got it yanked. 

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Where to Watch Youtube Videos as a Sequential Series of Frames (and Why)

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Yooouuutuuube is a site that allows one to watch Youtube videos (specified by URL or a random one) as a series of sequential frames placed one after the other.

There are a couple of options you can tweak to choose the resulting presentation (including the all important frame size) - but after you play a few vidoes this way, it may all seem too pointless or just another fun way to waste time.

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Why People Copy Each Other Online and What We Can Learn

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Newspaper Online Video Surges on Consumer Demand

by: Josh Hawkins

Today at the Newspaper Association of America conference in San Diego, publishers from across the country have convened to discuss the future of the newspaper industry. Once a strong print business sector, newspapers are now struggling with declining circulation, shrinking classified advertising dollars, and a proliferation of competitive online news sources.

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Viral Video Is a Secret Weapon Many Are Still Learning to Use. It Is Highly Engaging. Advertisers Ask Why Are We Paying for Reach when What All We Want Is Engagement? Think Viral!

by: Idris Mootee

When most people think about viral videos, they think of a crazy idea (often funny) that is irrelevant to the brand and put it out there to see what happens. The field has gotten much more crowded in the past 12 months but the behavior of sharing video is more common and bloggers help create more space for that. iPhone is another factor.


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Relating to Fans Video Stream

by: Nancy Baym

Here is a streaming video of the talk I gave at MidemNet about how to understand and relate to music fans online. Enjoy!


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Crowdsourcing 101

by: John Winsor

A lot of people are trying to figure out what crowdsourcing is and what they can do with it? It's always good to go back to the source, Jeff Howe.

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1,2,3...Eyes on Me

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