To Me, Design Is…

A cool video compilation of design quotes from design luminaries as well as the clients of interaction design consultancy Vostok. If only we all had clients like Vostok’s…


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Do You Want To Be a One Hit Wonder?

If you look around, there are plenty of companies that will tell you they can create videos that will go viral for you. And since the birth of youtube, that's been the holy grail of marketers -- get a video to go "viral."

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20 Awesome Educational Videos on Design

I’ve always believed that videos were one of the best things to happen to learning on the Internet. Now people from all around the world can see beyond just the word and fully appreciate a presenter’s facial nuances and tone of voice.

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Seeing Video Ads Everywhere

In 1971, Herb Simon said:

What does an abundance of information create? Basically a scarcity of attention.

And the interesting thing about the quote below from Samuel Johnson was that it was written in 1751. So, one hundred and fifty years ago, people were complaining that there were too many ads in the world.

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Video Gets More Attention on Mobile Devices than on the Desktop

Web video viewers stick around longer on mobile devices than they do on the desktop, according to this article on the Forbes blog.

The habits of 125,000 unique mobile visitors were analysed and it was found that, iPad users look at videos for 5 minutes, Symbian users for 4.1 minutes, Android users for 3 minutes, and iPhone for last 2.4 minutes.

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YouTube & The 48th Anniversary of the Visual Global Village

On July 10, 1962, Telstar I was launched, the first communications satellite to transmit live television across the Atlantic. The term Global Village was coined at about the same time by Marshall McLuhan in his books The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1962) and Understanding Media (1964). McLuhan was referring to the effect of radio in the 1920s which brought people together faster, and more intimately.

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The Last Inaccurate Video on Earth

Look, ma, another graph that has nothing to do with reality! (There's a whole book of those.)

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Text Is the New Multimedia

(NOTE: This essay draws on a chapter in my new book, Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs, which identifies nine radical branding and marketing insights for innovative business leaders to watch as we roll into 2010)

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Lend a Hand

A viral video focused on a woman's boobs jiggling as she walks through a crowd around a pool has been making headlines, not because it's crude or exploitative, but rather because it's crude and exploitative for a good cause.


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Brand U.0 on YouTube

I've gotten a lot of requests over the past year to have my talk on personal branding called "Brand U.0" posted on YouTube. The folks at the Chicago Convergence have gone ahead and saved me the trouble of doing this. So if you live outside the US in a country that didn't support Veoh, or you just want to watch the video without the pop up ads, you can bookmark the YouTube version.

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