Video Killed the Television Star: Why Total Fragmentation Is the New Norm

Moment in time—the world seems obsessed with the renaissance of app led live video streaming and the rivalry between MeerKat and Twitter backed Periscope. 

Debating who will win is a moot point.

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CNN Thinks LOL Cats Are the Future of News

Now that CNN and BuzzFeed have joined forces to create a new online video destination, the meme-ification of the news is almost complete. The viral celebrities, the LOL cats, and the Listicles have won. The one company at the nexus of the meme aggregation movement - BuzzFeed - and the one media company that practically invented the 24-hour news cycle - CNN - have partnered to give you the 24-Hour Buzz Cycle. All buzz, all the time.

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The evidence is in - video drives the most social engagement

Have you heard of SoMoVid? I hadn’t either until I read the expression on Adobe’s excellent digital marketing blog.

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70, 20, 10

I've been talking about 70, 20, 10 models for a good time, and it seems that it's applicable in a wide number of different contexts. Generally, it relates to the idea that the majority of time, focus, attention or resources should be focused on established practices or core methods, but room should be left for both extending those core approaches and taking them in new directions, but also for completely new ideas and input.

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Confessions of an Intrapreneur


Several weeks ago I wrote an article for Forbes titled "Move Over Entrepreneurs, Here Come the Intraprenuers". The above video shot by Bryan Elliott as part of his "Behind the Brand" interview series was actually the catalyst for that piece. Here's a few things I cover in the video:

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Video: What business learned at Rio+20

My five-day visit to Rio+20 was a nonstop affair, a morning-til-wee-hours parade of meetings, meals, speaking, and more meetings. (Oh, and some drinking and dancing.) Along the way, I caught up with a dozen or so business and NGO executives for some quick, 3-minute video interviews to learn why they attended, what they were learning, and what they saw as the opportunity for business coming out of Rio+20.

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Video Interview: Social Media at Orange in a Nutshell

I prepared this series of video interviews in order to prepare myself for the Ronewmedia conference in Bucharest, Romania. In those 3 interviews, I describe what I do at Orange,our philosophy and where we think the wold of Corporate social media is going.

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5 Examples of Job Hunting with Social Media

Guest Post by: George Cathcart

Job hunting in the age of social media can be a difficult thing to do. Trying to differentiate yourself in the sea of voices created by social makes it harder to stand out from the crowd and throwing a few pictures at the top of your CV isn’t quite going to cut it any more.

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Executives Embrace the Non-text Web

Forbes has done some research to understand manager’s attitudes towards receiving information in a non-text format (i.e. in a video stream).

You can read a summary of the document on eMarketer or if you want the original document you will need to register on the Forbes web site. If video is your thing then it is well worthwhile.

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Millward Brown Digital Predictions for 2011

I like Millward Brown reports. There is nothing radically that new in their predictions for 2011 but it is worth a quick read.

Because of my interest in Web video (quick plug for my web video production company InTwoFocus and my Web video blog) it was good to see that the expectations for video advertising are a continuing move in the upward direction.

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