Proposing a value-adding middleman for innovation

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Who else can win?

by: Jennifer Rice

I've been writing about companies who are committed to making a difference. I think the issue boils down to a very simple question: "Who else can win?"

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Value Proposition Design Template

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Power Consumer Vs. The Eyeglass Industry

By: David Armano

If you are into customer experiences and how we consumers are changing our behavior as a result of the digital experience renaissance, you should check out this post over at 3mew

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Counterpoint: Patents and Defensibility

Pricing, Ego, and Emotion

By: Roger Dooley

Neuromarketing and Pricing. Why do people sometimes set prices that are too high, and then stubbornly stick with them despite evidence from the marketplace that the price is indeed wrong?

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12 Consumer Values for Your Wall

Continue Reading Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win: Books: William C. Taylor, Polly G. LaBarre

by: David Polinchock

I received an advance copy of Mavericks at Work, which will be available in October, and I've been enjoying the read. But I came across a quote today that I just had to post:

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Beliefs Influence Green Behavior: Lessons from Guatemala

by: David Wigder

It is well established that consumer beliefs influence purchasing behavior. For consumer products that support or reinforce underlying consumer beliefs, marketers should focus on activating favorable behavior.

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Is There a Formula for Word-of-Mouth?

According to the Marketing Science Institute, there may be. They just published a working paper on how companies can encourage the diffusion and adoption of new products by creating positive buzz and avoiding negative one.

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