Culture Isn't Enough

Culture is quite the hot topic in business these days. The adage “Culture eats strategy for lunch” has been acknowledged for ages, but it seems the importance of culture is being emphasized now more than ever.

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Timeless Truths about Brand Loyalty

The Struggle Continues in Measuring the Value of Design

It’s not easy describing the value of design. Even looking to describe the value of design being optimistic. I often get by by reducing the discussion to 2 scenarios; what happens when design is used and when design is not. So it did not come as a surprise to me that at the recent Design Management Institute (DMI) meet up in Copenhagen, they concluded that the value of design can’t be measured”…or at least not in any standardized way”.

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Five Leading Business Ideas for 2011

Change happens. That’s not just a bumper sticker slogan; it’s the state of business today. Mastering change requires new ways of thinking, talking about, and doing business.

I believe the leading companies in 2011 and beyond will distinguish themselves by embracing these five ideas:

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Tiger, We Hardly Knew Ya

The list of Tiger Woods' sexual conquests had barely reached the double digits when Accenture fired him as its celebrity spokesathlete because, as experts explained, it needed to go in a completely different direction. Detaching him from the company's brand would be painful and take time, but it was necessary.

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Perceived Value Versus Real Value

I came across this wonderful video of Rory Sutherland gave at TED Global last fall. It's worth watching. Here's a preview from the TED site.

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Keep a Friend Home on Black Friday

I can all but guarantee that someone you know and care about is planning to go shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. You need to intervene.

Black Friday is a contrived, customer-hostile, bait-and-switch, potentially deadly symptom of what's wrong with bricks and mortar retailing. A handful of grotesquely low prices on a smaller handful of products are advertised as "doorbusters," and we've been subjected to years' worth of propaganda intended to associate the day with shopping deals, however imaginary. 

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The Value of Visual Thinking

Originally posted on The Collaboratory.

I'm leaving for Las Vegas later this week to speak at Blogworld. I'm on a panel discussing the intersection of social media and brands, but what I'm really excited about is a presentation on Friday where I will discuss the value that visual thinking can bring to any organization.

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Where Could Facebook's Value Come from?

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by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Lately, I've been thinking a lot about the utility of ad placement on social media sites, and whether it's the most enlightened way to monetize services like Facebook or Twitter. I'd posit that there are two broad, and somewhat mutually-exclusive schools of thought on the subject: one looking forward, and the other back. 

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