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Of Balls and Band-Aids

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Do You Have a Business Model? Advertising Is Not a Business Model

by: Karl Long

First of all, what the hell is a business model anyway? As with many terms used in strategy and business it is often used in different ways and interpreted differently by different people. Lots of entrepreneurs and misguided bloggers will conflate advertising and business model, but this is a mistake. Advertising could be your “revenue model” but it is not your business model.

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Environmentalism and Software

by: Sigurd Rinde

Drive a hybrid. Buy carbon-dioxide offset points when flying. Use the bike. Things you and I can do.

Renewable energy. R&D funding. Taxes on fuel. Tax rebates. Stuff our governments can do.

All good, all important.

Then I read Robert's post about the trend of VCs leaving the computer world and embracing environmentalism - investing in energy saving technologies and the like.

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Business - Only Three Requirements

 by: Sigurd Rinde

Business is really not that complicated.

But we like to complicate things.

Sure if you have a gazillion SKUs, umpteen "markets" and 234,000 employees stuff can easily become muddled.

But in essence that big one is no different from the local mom and pop bakery. Really.

You need three things, clear and unambiguous, no less, no more and - in exactly this order. Did I mention in exactly this order?

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Ideas, Problems, Broken Arms - Social Objects

by: Sigurd Rinde

Thanks goes to Tony C for the inspiration:

Business and organisations are social groups with a value creation purpose.

The value creation happens to tangible or virtual objects, from widgets and bikes to concepts and broken arms.

Sometimes it happens in very linear processes like when a car is built. The classic ERP value chain.

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Marketing - Is Its Job to 'Serve' or to 'Create'?

by: Idris Mootee

The idea of "customer orientation" comes up almost all the time during my meetings with clients. It is generally define as an organization culture in which all executives and employees are committed to the continuous creation of customer value of delivering on their needs.

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Design Thinking and the New Model of Strategic Innovation

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Social Networks = the AOL's of Web2.0

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RED HERRING | Massive Drives Interactive Ads

by: David Polinchock

Once again, smart companies are using new technology to deliver the same old stuff!

Moving to grab a bigger part of the in-game ad market, Microsoft’s Massive unit introduced its latest offering Monday—interactive ads.  

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'The Greatest Danger in Times of Turbulence...

by: Chris Lawer not the turbulence: it is to act with yesterday's logic. "

I love that quote from Peter Drucker as it describes perfectly how marketing is struggling to adapt to create and deliver value in today's experience-centred, co-creative markets.  Here is a quick contrast between the "old" and the "new" marketing logics:

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