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How Big Data Can Create Real Business Value

Most people in the tech world know the hype cycle all too well. A new technology enters the marketplace amid great expectations. Inevitably, disappointment sets in and a retrenchment period begins, practice and process catch up to expectations and new value is unleashed.

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Use a Gift Strategy to Add Value

One of the bigger marketing challenges these days is convincing people to pay for web content, particularly news content. The Web is awash in free news, analysis, and commentary, and a good deal of that free content is of good quality. Hence, most people don’t see the need for paid news subscriptions and all but a few paywall-protected news sites have struggled.

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You Don’t Need to Beat Your Competitors, You Need Innovation.

I was both surprised and curious to find out that legendary business guru Michael Porter’s multi-million dollar Monitor Group had filed for bankruptcy protection in November 2012.
It was an interesting read for me as it highlights some of the problems of the business of consulting. This segment of the article stood out for me.

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Consumers Do/Don’t Want Relationships With Brands

Do consumers want to have a relationship with brands?

On one hand, a research study published by the Association for Consumer Research says yes, and states:

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What Really Replaces Marketing (Madness)...

If there ever was a reason for me to write about the future of marketing, it was in 2009. The theme though is as alive today as it was then. Some argue little has changed, others state the new era has already arrived. And there is Nilofer Merchant (@Nilofer) who suggests Marketing is Dead and then comes up with 5 ways to replace it. All in itself these five ways are things I can relate to, but they don’t make it as replacements for Marketing, in my humble opinion.

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Getting to Business Value Through Gamification

Everyone wants in.

Organizations want to do something with it and they think it can change the world; if you go by their word every organization in the planet is doing something with it.

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What Every Innovation Manager Needs To Know about Value Creation? Let's Start with Something Simple.

What is value creation? Something commonly used in strategic discussions but not well understood among managers as well as business or design school students. If a company needs to reinvent itself, they need to put value creation first. If a disrupter wants to attack an industry leader, it needs to put value creation first.

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How to Succeed in Small Business

Jason Fried, CEO of 37signals, knows a thing or two about small business. His company has been developing apps for small businesses for seven years. But it’s how he runs his own company that reveals his keen insight for how to be a successful small business.

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Rethink This: Brand Currency

Do we build brands based on quantitative or qualitative measures? Are we in the business of spending more time with people or making the time we spend with them that much better?

The following article is published on

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6 Areas Where Social Media Can Be Used in the Insurance Customer Value Chain

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

In a recent report, Ernst and Young looked specifically at how social media be used in the insurance customer value chain.

Here’s a summary of the findings, with some of our own thoughts:

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