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How Your Mission Drives Your Strategy

Southwest Airlines is an unusual company. In an industry notorious for losing money, it has achieved over forty consecutive years of profitability. No one else comes close to matching that record. It makes you wonder why everybody doesn’t just copy their model.

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6 Areas Where Social Media Can Be Used in the Insurance Customer Value Chain

Guest Post by: Jo Stratmann

In a recent report, Ernst and Young looked specifically at how social media be used in the insurance customer value chain.

Here’s a summary of the findings, with some of our own thoughts:

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Four Implications of the Internet of Things for Business

I believe we will see a 10,000 to 100,000 increase in the number of computers, phones, devices and living things attached to the internet in the next 5-10 years — what many are calling “the internet of things“. We have probably already passed the point when there are more things to attached to the internet than people. All cars, many toys, most sick patients, lab equipment, cows with senors on their hoofs, you name it, will have the option to be connected to the network. 

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No Ownership, No Accountability - Wikis, Collaboration Software, Social Media, Enterprise 2.0 and How Not to Get Things Done.

by: Sigurd Rinde

The buzz around Enterprise 2.0 / Office 2.0 is palpable, one conference after the other with $ 50 k stands offering yet-another-wiki-version trying to snag the enterprise CTO/CIO.

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Ideas, Problems, Broken Arms - Social Objects

by: Sigurd Rinde

Thanks goes to Tony C for the inspiration:

Business and organisations are social groups with a value creation purpose.

The value creation happens to tangible or virtual objects, from widgets and bikes to concepts and broken arms.

Sometimes it happens in very linear processes like when a car is built. The classic ERP value chain.

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Web 2.0 and the Marketing New 4Ps

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Aligning Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility on Climate Change

by: David Wigder

In a recent Harvard Business Review article, “Strategy & Society” (Dec, 2006), Michael Porter and Mark Kramer present a strategic framework for linking strategy with corporate social responsibility (CSR). 

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