Obsessively Recording and Sharing Our Vacations

At Blogher yesterday, the issue of "addiction" emerged in the keynote. A woman in the audience noted that she twitched for the first day of vacation because she desperately wanted to tweet the things she was seeing and witnessing, like the bald eagle flying by. On stage, the conversation turned so that we talked more generally about being able to take a technology free vacation, but I want to address the tendency to tweet the things we see directly for a moment.

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Gaming vacations?

By: Stefan Kolle
A great article over on Travelhacker about gaming vacations. I've taken the liberty to repost it below. Now, think about it, with travelagencies being the main victim of the consumers freedom to create his own travelplans on the Internet, the only way for them to survive is to specialise. At the same time, gaming and gamers are moving from sub-culture to mainstream.
When will we see the first GamerTravel Inc agencies?

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