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New York Times Becomes More Social

by: Matt Rhodes

The New York Times launched a beta version of TimesPeople over the weekend. It’s their first step at adding a social layer onto their site - a recommendations service and mini-social network. It’s works rather simply:

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The Radio Times of the Future

by: David Jennings

This is the second of the excerpts from the first full draft of my book that I think it is worth rescuing from the cutting room floor. As I explained for the first one, there were a bunch of fictional scenarios that I devised imagining possible futures for consumers and for media organisations of different kinds. Some of them, including this one, were written in the form of interviews with media professionals.

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Social Media Beginners: Lesson 3 - User Generated Content

by: Matt Rhodes

When people talk about new media, social media or Web 2.0, there is often one thing in common: user generated content (UGC). This is really what the essence growth of Web 2.0 is. Web sites are crammed full of videos, photos, reviews and articles written by users. This reflects a shift not only in the amount of time people are spending online (more), but also a change in the reason for going online.

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The Appropriateness of Getting Your Customer to Design a Product for You?

Who would not want to believe in it? As far as anyone can tell it’s the best way to sell to today’s over-informed hyper-consumer. However even after extolling the virtues of it in my post “The Art of the Very Small Start”, I have some major doubts on the validity of this approach especially in the field of consumer electronics.

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Here's Where Social Media Really Hurts!

by: David Polinchock

So Lane Hartwell just posted this on Twitter (sorry if it offends anyone!) @ gap in SF. Just found a dried, bloody tampon in the pocket of some pants i was trying. Barf.

And that lead Sarah Lacy to reply:

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indigenous content - created by the natives

by: Lynette Webb

Hello, I’m back. :-)

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Why Users Create Content

by: Roger Dooley

A key aspect of Web 2.0 is letting users create or enhance a site’s content. This sounds great, but in practice can be hard to achieve. The Web is littered with dead forums, unreviewed products, spammed-out wikis, and other failed attempts to build user-created sites.

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'Customer-Made' is Lead User on Speed

by: Chris Lawer

I read Trendwatching’s beautifully presented summary of the Co-Creation trend, which they call Customer-Made.  It’s terrific that Rainier and his team are putting co-creation right at the top as their most important business and innovation trend. I’m bound to agree with that.

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