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UX Metrics: Who, What, When, Where, and Why?

I originally wrote today’s post for GetFeedback. It A modified version of it appeared on their site in late 2020.

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Using User Research to Design Better Products and Services

I originally wrote today’s post for GetFeedback. It appeared on their site in late 2020.

User experience (UX) is part of the bigger customer experience (CX) ecosystem. User experience focuses on user interactions with a product, whereas customer experience focuses on the customer (and the overall relationship), who might or might not be the end user.

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Don’t Redesign Your Elevator!

Do you have a website redesign planned? If so, there might be a lesson in my first experience with a Schindler ID System elevator control installation.

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The 12 Essentials of the Customer Experience

As some of you may know if you've perused my site (or just clicked on the SoCal CXPA tab above), I am a team lead for the CXPA SoCal Local Networking Events. This means that my two cohorts (Jen Maldonado and Kim Proctor) and I organize local events every quarter to bring together SoCal customer experience professionals. The format for these events is networking, speaker, roundtable discussions, and wrap-up.

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How Do We Design for the Everywhere?

How do we design for the everyware? How do we design without screens, visual cues, without interruption or having the opportunity to demand exclusive attention?

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