What typeface should we use in cars?

Firstly, thanks to the guys at Immersion Active eBrief for listing this fascinating item of research.

Question. What is the best typeface to use in cars that assists the eyes of older drivers. You could just as well ask the question - What is the best fonts to use in retail outlets, hotels, etc etc.

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Digital Device Manifesto

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be an intoxicating experience. Drinking in all the devices on the show floor, it’s easy to be dazzled by cool features, brilliant designs, and products you never even dreamed of. Speakers captivate your imagination as they describe bold visions and demo the newest products.

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IPad/Tablet Usability - A Free Report

I am a great fan of Jakob Nielsen. He always talks a great deal of sense about usability and has been around long enough to witness all of the cycles of fashion in design in user interfaces. He very kindly is making available, for zilch, a really detailed report about iPad usability.

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Designing Web Sites for Ageing Cavemen

As usual, Jakob Nielsen's December Alertbox newsletter contains some thought proving stuff.

It is all about short-term memory and web usability. The central thesis is that the brain is not optimised for the abstract thinking and memorising data that web sites often demand.

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Is User-Friendliness a Sure Marketing Bet?

by: Yann Gourvennec

Very often, I hear people say that you have to make your end-user’s lives easier to generate a marketing success. However paved with good intentions this statement may be, I did ask myself the question whether making users’ live easier is a sustainable marketing argument for the development of a business. Here are my thoughts on this subject:

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Middle-aged Users' Declining Web Performance

by: Dick Stroud

My favourite Web usability guru, Jakob Nielsen, has published a fascinating article about the impact of ageing on the way people use the Web. Do make sure you read the full article.

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Are Digital Marketing + Social Design Compatible?

by: David Armano

I'm attending a panel next week at the Ad Age digital marketing conference.  The topic?  Making social media work:

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Free Web Page Heat Maps?

by: Roger Dooley

The common belief is that neuromarketing is trying to find the mythical
"buy button" in the brain. If you are an ecommerce web designer,
though, the "buy button" is one thing you want to be sure your visitors
can find very easily!

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